As much as I thought I was informed about Medicare, I benefited greatly from attending Steve Burnett's seminars. I discovered that there were additional monthly costs to Medicare that are tiered based on my last year of employment. This is the type of information that Steve shares.

I personally saved $400 a month in my monthly Medicare fee after directly appealing Medicare, but I would not have known about this without information from his seminar.

That is is just one example of his comprehensive knowledge on Medicare.

Our supplemental insurance costs were reduced as Steve walked us through the process and this was key in securing the best coverage possible in retirement at the lowest cost possible.

His follow-up a year later in reducing our monthly costs on prescriptions was not expected, but assisted us once again.

Andy B.

This the second time that we have welcomed Steve Burnett into our home. The first time was 2 yrs. ago when he helped me ( Michelle ) with my retirement program. Today, he helped Craig, my husband get started on his program and then reviewed mine.Steve explained everything and we both feel very confident that we are in good hands. We have recommended him in the past and plan to continue doing so. He is a keeper.

Michelle T.

I met Steve Burnett through a seminar he held at the Chamber of Commerce office in Cumming, Georgia in August, 2019. He sent out a mailer advertising this meeting as an introduction to the Medicare system for people that were unfamiliar with the system but were getting ready to enroll. I became 65 in December, 2019. My mother, who lives with me and has been on Medicare for a number of years; also wanted to attend to see if she could learn something. Steve is very knowledgeable of the Medicare system and offered his assistance to us in selecting and signing up with the right supplemental policy for part B and the correct drug program for part D. I met with him and he got me into the correct programs and I was signed up in plenty of time so I did not have to worry about missing the boat.

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Kim F.

Steve was the third broker that I talked to about Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plans. (If only I would have spoken to him first) He is very knowledgeable, patient, and professional. His approach is to present the facts and allows you to take the time to think about the pros and cons of each plan and then answers your questions. He realizes how important the decision is to choose between Standard Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans. He is readily available for any future questions you may have about choosing dental, prescription, or vision plans. He truly cares about people and wants to ensure that his clients understand the Plans being offered in Georgia.

Jane H.